Survey Research

The Office of Planning and Analysis systematically collects information from students regarding their perceptions, attitudes, and experiences related to USF. Two surveys are conducted on a recurring basis and other surveys are conducted as needed or upon request.

Bachelor's Candidate Survey

The purposes of this survey are to a) gain insight into the perceptions, experiences and attitudes of graduating seniors, b) collect information to be used for outcomes assessment and intervention for quality improvement, and c) collect information about current and future plans of USF graduates. This survey is administered to all students who are candidates for bachelor's degrees at the end of each fall and spring term.


Graduate Candidate Survey

The purpose of this survey is to obtain information to improve the University's graduate programs and better meet student needs and expectations.

Specific topics covered on the survey include satisfaction with academic programs and support, satisfaction with USF services and facilities, other satisfaction areas, general satisfaction with the University, and post-graduation plans. Several open-ended items are provided to collect students' feedback and comments.

The survey is administered online to all candidates for graduate degrees (master's, specialist, and doctoral) at the end of the fall and spring terms. Graduate degree candidates completing degrees in the summer term and who are required to complete a thesis or dissertation to meet graduation requirements also complete the survey.


Freshman Profile Survey

This survey was designed to a) collect information from incoming freshmen regarding admissions experiences to use for process improvement, b) collect information to produce a profile of new First-Time-In-College (FTIC) students, and c) collect information that can be used in longitudinal studies of student satisfaction, retention, and performance. The Freshman Profile Survey was administered to incoming FTIC freshmen in the fall of each year.


Freshman Follow-up Survey

The goals of this survey are to a) determine satisfaction on the part of second-term freshmen with selected USF services and features, b) collect information from these students about their fall plans, and c) collect information about this group's attitudes, opinions, and experiences to be used for program and service improvement. This survey was administered for the first time in the spring term, 2004.



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